FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to provide House Cleaning Equipment?

Diamond Maids Building Cleaning Services supplies all of the cleaning supplies to complete the job. You never need to worry about supplying any of your supplies to our Maids, unless if you have any special cleaning products you want us to use, please be sure to let us know prior to your cleaning.

Do I have to be home when Diamond Maids clean?

This is your option, most of our customers are usually not home during the day, you may give us a key to be safely stored- always with cross referenced security. Only the owner or supervisor can access the client’s key. Maids are given the keys for each cleaning appointment before they leave and must give these back to home owner or supervisor before they are allowed to leave the office. The key is then returned to the key safe until the next cleaning appointment.

Will all the visits cost same?

The first visit will be our deep clean rates. Generally it takes longer to get the home clean up to clean maids standard. The deep cleaning rates are flat rates , however if  additional services are needed, additional charges may apply. Once the initial visit is completed, We will confirm the standard rate with you.


How do I know that I can trust your staff?

Diamond Maid Building Cleaning Services takes the Utmost care in Selecting the applicants to work with us.

All prospective applicants must pass extensive background check before they are employed with us. Once hired, each maid is trained personally by one of the supervisors. We take your trust seriously so that you will have the highest confidence with our care for your home.

How shall I pay for my cleaning?

We accept cash & cheque payment which is due at the time of service. If you aren’t home at the time of service, you can leave cash or cheque on the kitchen counter on the day of your cleaning. Also we accept monthly basis payments for regular customers.


Are my valuables safe with Diamond Maids Building Cleaning Services?

Generally speaking, No However we ask you to take a minute to pick up an important documents or personal items.


What if my cleaning falls on a holiday?

If your scheduled cleaning falls on a major holiday, we will contact you to reschedule your services.

Do you guarantee a day and time for any appointment?

We do guarantee a specific day & guarantee  a specific time. Although we try our hardest to get to the appointment on time, due to ouer ever changing schedule please allow us 10, 15 minute window period.

What if needed to reschedule your cleaning?

Just call us prior to your cleaning day toreschedule. We do Require 36  hour notice to reschedule your cleaning since we do not ever book our schedule, we need proper notices so we will have an opportunity to fill the schedule with another client.

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